Two for Tuesday

When you are in complete harmony with the Universe, which is all good, then you have tapped into the greatest power there is to support you. To harmonize yourself with the Universe and allow all good to flood into your life, speak good words, plant good thoughts, and generate good feelings. If you have had thoughts... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Times

When you pay for anything, as you hand over your card or money, imagine an abundance of money for the person you are handing it to, and mean it. Whatever you give out, you receive back! "The real secret of power is consciousness of power." ~ CHARLES HAANEL (1866-1949)


What have you done in your life which has truly helped the lives of others around the world? For most people the answer is very little or nothing, despite carrying agonizing feelings about the plight of others. The reason I am presenting you with this question is to help you see that the agonizing feelings... Continue Reading →

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