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A Weaponized 5G Wireless Nanotube Coronavirus Delivery System & CoVFeFe

By ~ kb108

Screenshot (1371)

(*SEE LINKS ENCLOSED) Trump signed two EO’s, one for the ENERGY GRID and the other for 5G PROTECTION!

If 5G could be harmful to our environment and all who live in it, perhaps CoVFeFe is the technology being implemented to protect us from these dangerous mmWave levels. 

His actions against Huawei make it appear that he’s making diligent efforts to stop the warfare on the AMERICAN PEOPLE. A Weaponized 5G Wireless Nanotube Coronavirus Delivery System that Anthony Fauci paid Charles Lieber to build for NIH, DARPA, Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust (The Pirbright Institute, UK, GlaxoSmithKline-GSK) & Pilgrims Society.. Not only is the Queen and Gates patenting the Virus, we have Dr.Lieber weaponizing the 5G with the VIRUS>

And lets not forget the Rothchild Connection: (See links below)
Trump is passing his EO ensuring it is SAFE (*and…

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