Clay Ronnie

May 13, 2021 at 03:22

As of May 12
The US Department of Defense was responsible for activating the QFS system.
All currencies are now backed by gold.
Processing of the main top-level bonds has been completed.
On Tuesday at 13: 37 EST, the problems with the QFS interface were resolved and the bond payments/money movement began to be carried out efficiently.
On May 11, all power in Iraq was cut off and there were no lights in the cities as a result of the Space Force (under the command of General John “Jay” Raymond of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) cutting off the electrical grid so that special forces and Iraqi security forces could capture the Deep State militias that are launching missiles at Baghdad and U.S. bases in Iraq.
On May 12, the Iraqi government shut down the country for 10 days until May 22, using COVID-19 as an excuse, but in fact it is due to the launch of the financial system.
The emergency broadcast system also had to be fully functional and ready for deployment. Failures in operation are unacceptable.
Over the past few weeks, more than 5,000 members of the political elite have been arrested. Lin Wood reported that the governor and lieutenant governor of Georgia were arrested on May 11.
The stock markets of the United States, Canada, Europe, India and China fell. All this is reflected in the market index, but not reflected in the media.
The Cabal’s cyberattacks were expected over the next two months as the Alliance continued to dismantle financial systems and conduct a global currency reset. The cyberattack aimed at the Colonial Pipeline meant that shortages and rising prices for gas, food, medicines, mail and goods in the United States were approaching. A cyberattack on the colonial pipeline that supplies 45% of the East Coast’s fuel. The cabal is flexing its muscles as the military winds down its operations.
An emergency broadcast system will be launched, and the new quantum Internet will flood the airwaves with uncensored social media and fact-based documentaries about the clique’s history. Everything will be switched from Dark to Light: SWIFT to the Quantum Financial System and gold-backed currencies; BTC to asset-backed metals regulated by blockchain; fake media to Starlink and Project Odin.
The current financial system called the “paper dollar” is based on gasoline.
Why did we call it the petrodollar?
Q said they would leave Israel for last. Because they wanted to eventually do a financial reset. Recently, you can see that gasoline is in trouble, and there is a fake war going on in Israel.
So, Q’s military companies are taking over and at the same time conducting a financial reset around the world. The new QFS (Quantum Financial System) returns to gold collateral. The Global Currency Reset (GCR) is happening right now.

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