i was riding my bicycle…

…with Dad…from Emlenton, Pa when we got to a dark, wet cave….did not bring a headlight…turned around and ended that trail after 13 miles roundtrip.bicycle house

Meanwhile, on the route back, stopped in Franklin & headed to the Franklin Bike Trail (Erie to Pittsburgh Trail)…rode 10 miles…turned around to head back & detoured off toward another trail, uphill…crossed the river on a high bridge & biked about 4 miles more before actually heading back to my starting point.

Even though these trails are very scenic, there are no restrooms or restaurants along it so bring snacks & water. I brought healthy energy snacks…banana…Kind energy bar…Youngevity’s Rebound filled my 2 water bottles!

What is a great way to end this good good bike adventure?

Salmon on the grill + homegrown tomato-cucumber summer salad + quinoa-rice + an iced cold brew by a nice, smokin’ hot bonfire! home sweet home

home sweet home

post bicycle ride vibes: now that’s a great way to end a good good bike ride adventure ~ 3 different trails along (& one near) the Allegheny River…total mileage today on my bicycle?

36.64!!!! #BicycleTrails #AlleghenyRiverTrails ❤️🙏🏽✌🏽🎶😘🚴🏽‍♀️

#BicycleTrails #AlleghenyRiverTrails #FranklinBikeTrail #ReboundSportsDrink



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