it’s the end of the trail as we know it…

new playground - walnut groveIT’S THE END OF THE TRAIL AS WE KNOW IT…but just for about a year, so it is temporary, while the road crews work on the overpasses adjacent to Kirk Rd. They will create a tunnel instead of the overpasses, so it will be nice to see, yet, another tunnel on this trail.bicycle trail

bicycle trailWhen there is a roadblock, work around it to alter your plans so to go through it or over it!

Even though today was the last 30 mile ride for awhile, it is time to explore some alternative options.

By the way, the berries were good again today, and of course, others have definitely caught onto the berry picking trend along that trail since others were there today.

SIDE THOUGHT: I think it is amaZING how 3 out of 4 people stand up going up the Mahoning Ave. Bridge because I watched 3 in front of me pedaling while standing up since it is “easier” and of course, I was the 4th, the one to stay seated pedaling uphill since it is more of a challenging workout!!!!

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