power of prayers

I was riding my bicycle this morning along the path with dad on father’s day, 17 june 2018…

Riding along from western reserve rd in canfield, ohio toward niles…christen's berry stop along bicycle trail

when just prior to heading up the mahoning ave bridge, I noticed my silver brighton charm anklet missing (i knew i was wearing it when we started biking…)

I continued on to the niles trailhead, instead of turning around, no use in cutting the 30-mile ride short with the chance of not finding it, though i had a deep feeling i would find it, so trying unsuccessfully to forget about the missing anklet, i said some prayers to God & st anthony as i just kept thinking ‘oh well I hope someone else enjoys it’…despite my expectation of it turning up…

as I placed it in God’s hands, after all, either I was supposed to have it, or not…whatever is meant to be will be…

dad and meOn the return trip, i went over the mahoning bridge & crossed back over kirk rd, when just as I crossed, I noticed the silver anklet lain on the cement near the road where I had earlier stopped before crossing because of a car approaching!! I was so #delighted, grateful & surprised!!!! anklet

fresh picked berriesfresh berriesI thanked God & st anthony numerous times (I think a million or more!) the whole way back & still thankful as I AM meant to have this anklet, though now broken, but good ol’ mr fixit dad will fix it as he fixes everything!

finally, as we approached the end of the trek, we stopped
to pick & eat fresh berries along the trail!

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